Frequently Asked Question


We get asked a lot of questions about what we do, what our services entail and about wedding planning in general. We thought it might be beneficial to answer some of those general questions for our clients, prospective clients and those who are just curious.

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

We did a full blog post on this topic, to read more go here.

In a nutshell with busy careers and personal lives, most couples could use guidance during the planning process. We have the knowledge and experience to recommend top notch vendors, keep you on budget, coordinate the details and alleviate the stress of planning your wedding. Whether your budget is $5,000 or $100,000 we can customize our services to fit your specific needs all the while staying within your budget.

How is your business structured? Do you have insurance?

We are a recognized LLC in the State of New Hampshire. We have general liability insurance for $1 million.

Do you receive discounts or kick-backs from vendors?

We have worked very hard to establish relationships with a variety of talented and reputable vendors. Sometimes vendors will offer discounts or special packages for our clients, but this is not guaranteed. We absolutely do not take any form of a kick-back or commission from any vendor.

Do you work with all couples?

Yes, we will work with all couples including LGBT couples.

What if my venue already has a coordinator included with my package?

On-site catering managers/event coordinators are wonderful. It is great when you work with a venue that includes their services in your package. However, they do work for the venue, not you. Their concern is that your food is prepared on time, that their staff showed up and that they are fulfilling all parts of your contract. They most likely are not going to help bustle your dress if your maid of honor forgets how, remind your best man that he has a speech to give, move your gifts to your car at the end of the night, or collect and count chair covers that you rented from an outside vendor. A lot of reception sites say they will put out your place cards, favors, specialty décor etc. But will they know that your florist was not supposed to include carnations in your centerpieces? Or what song you had chosen for your first dance? Is it in your contract that they will light the candles on your reception tables? Will they call vendors that don't show up on time? They are so busy fulfilling the venue's obligations to you that there is no way you can expect them to assist with all details and coordination. Wedding Planners are on the spot problem solvers and stress managers. My goal is that if there is a problem on your wedding day you won't even know about it until long after your wedding is over. A Wedding Planner works for you, not the venue.

What makes you different from other wedding planners?

Aside from my professional experience and education (see About Us for more info), I love what I do. I built All The Fuss to be a company of integrity, innovation and great customer service. Our clients are our number one priority and it's our close attention to detail that sets us apart.

We create a binder for every couple whether they have contracted us for full planning or wedding day coordination. That binder is our life-line it contains the couple's timelines, vendor contact info, contracts, inspiration pictures of key elements (like the cake, flowers, décor), song lists and much more! On the wedding day you can identify All The Fuss staff by their fanny packs and headsets (just like Jennifer Lopez), yes we are that cheesy! But those elements truly help us get the job done. And if you haven't seen my infamous emergency bag, well you are in for a treat! It is bigger than me and is our workstation on wheels!

We pride ourselves on our fresh and contemporary approach to event planning. With a focus on great design, creativity, professionalism and a personal touch; All The Fuss Events will turn your event's vision into a reality.

When do couples book your services?

If you are looking for Full Planning, we recommend that you book us soon after your engagement so that we can guide you through the entire planning process. If you are looking for Partial Planning or Wedding Day Coordination, then it will depend on your date! We usually book our popular months (May- October) 6-12 months prior. However, there is a chance that your date is still available so contact us today to check for availability!

Do you bring an assistant with you?

Yes, we always work with at least one event assistant and for most weddings we bring two. Depending on the size of your wedding and the amount of set-up we may bring more assistants if needed.

How many weddings or events do you book per day?

All The Fuss books one event per day per planner.

What do you wear to weddings and will you eat or drink at my reception?

We wear professional black to all events, during set-up you may catch us in jeans but we always have a change of clothes! Vendor meals are appreciated, but not required or expected. We will absolutely not drink alcohol or party with your guests! We are there to do the job that you hired us for and not to attend your wedding as a guest.

Will you travel?

We cover all of New England, but will travel anywhere you want us to go! Additional fees may apply to cover travel expenses.